2 speed Anchor drives
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2 Speed Anchor drives 9,000-12,000ft-lbs

Digga's two speed screw pile anchor drives can be used for a wider range of applications up to 12,000 ft-lbs.

Developed in conjunction with leading screw anchor / helical pile installers around the world, Digga brings you the only true anchor drives available - Designed and manufactured in-house specifically for the rigours of the application. This means that your host machine can operate in its most efficient horse power range to minimize wear and tear, optimizing performance to ensure a higher return on your investment.


  • It's like owning 2 drives in 1 - Install both small and larger piles
  • Improve productivity by installing smaller piers with more efficiency
  • Minimize fuel consumption when running at lower RPM
  • Change speeds with just the flick of a switch
  • Fitted with an Eaton VIS motor for consistent pile installation
  • 3yr Gearbox & 2yr Motor Warranty
  • No additional maintenance costs

More torque, less pressure - Two pressure series available to suit your requirements

  • Standard pressure series (ADT) - Machines with 3500 PSI
  • Low Pressure series (ALT) - Machines with 3000 PSI
Digga North America - ADT-12 Auger Drive Unit

Why use 2 speed anchor drives? - Digga North America

Specs 12adt 9alt 12alt
Nominal Torque (FT LBS) 12,028 10,310 12,705
Motor Type Eaton Eaton Eaton
Max pressure (do not exceed) 3500 psi @ 29 gpm 3000 psi @ 29 gpm
Max flow (do not exceed) 53 gpm @ 1950 psi 53 gpm @ 1950 psi
Max horse power 60 60 60
Pressure relief valve Included Included Included
Energy Control Valve Included Included Included
standard output shaft 2.5" Hex 2.5" Hex 2.5" Hex
Weight 485 lbs 440 lbs 485 lbs
Overall length (in) 39.3" 39.3" 39.3"
Diameter (in) 13.4" 13.4" 13.4"