Auger & Anchor Drive Accessories
  • Digga North America - Accessories for Augers and Anchor drives.

Accessories for Augers and Anchor drives

Digga's new generation premium range of accessories for augers and anchor drives is the ultimate in performance, quality and cost effectiveness. Over 30 years of design and development has produced the highest quality range of augers on the market today. Completely manufactured by Digga, using only the highest grade materials and strictest quality control.

Digga North America - Anti kickback Swoosh Valve

energy control Valve (ecv)

Anti Kick Back Valve
for piling applications
Digga North America - 2 Way Flow Reversal Valve

2 way flow reversal valve

Flow reversal valve for Bi-directional drive unit use
Digga North America - Torque Measuring Solutions

torque measuring equipment

Measure accurate torque


Single Pin / Double Pin
/ Ryno (Piling) Hitches
Digga North America - Frame Extensions

telescopic piling &
drilling extension

Piling / Drilling
Length Extensions
Digga North America - Diggalign

Diggalign Inclinometer

Indicates when the drilling
attachment is straight