Mounting Brackets
  • Digga North America - Two-way Flow Reversal Valve for Drives.

Attachment Mounting Brackets

The mounting bracket is the connector between the parent machine and the attachment. Digga manufactures mounting brackets to suit most skid steer loaders, backhoes, and excavators. Our skid steer mounting brackets feature a slide cradle which allows the user to offset the drive head, allowing for drilling close to structures.

Mounting Bracket Types

Digga manufacture a range of brackets up to 80t excavators. Configurations include double pin, fixed and loose pin, as well as the Digga developed Ryno (Piling) Hitch for larger drives.

Digga North America Agricultural Loader Mount
Agricultural Loader Mount
Digga North America Side Shift Skid Steer Mount
Side Shift Skid Steer Mount
Digga North America Fixed Skid Steer Mount
Fixed Skid Steer Mount
Digga North America Double Pin Excavator Mount
Double Pin Excavator Mount
Digga North America Single Pin Excavator Mount
Single Pin Excavator Mount
Digga North America Agricultural Bucket Side Mount
Ag Bucket Side Mount

Ryno (Piling) Hitch

The Ryno (Piling) Hitch was designed by Digga to make it easier to connect large augers and anchors to an auger drive. Using a Ryno (Piling) Hitch will eliminate the costly need for a crane to connect pilling tools to your auger drive. < Click here for more information >

Specifically designed to handle the torsional loads of anchors and screw piling. The Ryno (Piling) Hitch allows the operator to cradle the drive up to a 90 degree angle for easy connection. Suits Supa Drives, Mega Drives, Ultra Drives and Xtreme Drives (5,000 ft lbs - 375,000 ft lbs).

Digga North America- Ryno Hitch