Diggalign Inclinometer
  • Digga North America - Two-way Flow Reversal Valve for Drives.

Diggalign inclinometer for augers & anchor drives

The New Diggalign Inclinometer was developed for contractors where accuracy is key. Ideal for drilling, screw piling & core barrelling applications.

Designed to show the operator when the top of the pylon/pile/auger is off plumb, helps to maintain accuracy throughout the installation.


  • 2 Options available
    • Standard definition with increments in 2°, recommended for piles/augers under 13ft
    • High definition with increments in 0.5°, recommended for piles/augers over 13ft
  • Can be retrofitted to existing drives
  • Suits all machinery with a variety of harness lengths
  • Increased job site efficiency
  • Can be calibrated for angles up to 20°
  • Highlights misalignment forward and aft
  • Dual supply cable with both 12V and 24V
Digga North America - Diggalign Unit

Specs Display unit  
Length 120mm
Height 35mm
Width 93mm
Overall Length 146mm