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Digga in a Dream Venture

2012 - July 7. Article from Gold Coast Bulletin

YATALA earthmoving equipment manufacturer Digga is posed to embark on its own version of a scene out from the movie Field of Dreams.

It is to hold a ground-breaking ceremony for a new Digga factory in the US city of Dyersville, where the Kevin Costner movie was made.

In Field of Dreams, a farmer (Costner) hears a voice that says build it and he will come and is inspired to plough up his corn crop to make way for a baseball diamond.

Now Digga chief executive Suzie Wright has cleared the corn to make way for the company's US fabrication and assembly facility, which will become the anchor factory at a new Dyersville industrial park.

Digga is spending $2.5 million on the factory, where gearboxes and augers will be built for the US excavator market.

Wright has high hopes for the venture.

In a play on the script from the movie, she cheekly says of Iowa: "Is this heaven? It's Iowa. Iowa? I could have sworn this was heaven. Is there heaven? Oh, yeah. It's the place where dreams come true.

"Our move here is based on sound business sense - we're not dreaming. But this will be a dream come true," Wright says.