Mini soil conditioner 48" & 60"
  • Soil conditioner for mini machines - Digga North America

Soil Conditioner for Compact Utility Loaders

The Digga Mini Soil Conditioner grades, levels, rakes, and removes debris, pulverizing and preparing the ground for new seedbed, turf or to remove old lawn and weeds - All with one tool. Our Soil Conditioner for compact utility loaders, small skid steer loaders and small articulated loaders is ideal for golf courses, wineries, paving, and a great tool for contractors.

Fully hydraulic drum

Digga's mini Soil Conditioner features a fully hydraulic 48/60 inch wide bi-directional drum to work soil in both directions.

Hydraulic slew & removable spoil plates

Hydraulic angling to 20° in either direction. A manual slew option is also available. The Soil Conditioner also features removable spoil plates for windrowing.

Innovative design for easy storage

Transport and store your Digga mini Soil Conditioner with ease with foldable legs and removable jockey wheels.

American made quality

Quality products manufactured in-house by Digga in America. We use only the highest grade materials and strictest quality control.

Specs 48" Model 60" Model Digga North America - 12mth Trencher Gearbox & 12mth Motor Warranty
Recommeded Flow 9 - 20GPM
Motor Type 2K Eaton
Max Pressure 3500 psi @ 16 gpm
Max Flow - Do Not Exceed 30 gpm @ 1800 psi
Max Horse Power 25 kw (34 hp)
Drum Width 48" 60"
Overall Width 58" 70"
Length - Wheels Down 55" 55"
Length - No Wheels 31" 31"
Weight (Varies depending on mount) 599-743lbs 616-760lbs